How Secure Should A CRM Software Really Be?

Best CRM for Real Estate

Technological innovations have made manual record keeping obsolete. Automation and machine learning are the trends of this age. A variety of software have flooded the market aiming to make transactions and handling of clients easier for all kinds of businesses. Out of them Customer Resource Manager (CRM) specializes in using algorithmic approach, predictive data engines, and automation to improve your efficiency and productivity and help you gain an upper hand in all your business dealings. CRM can be specialized for many different business, for example, DealerSocket and Dominion Sales Centre are specialized for the auto industry while IXACT Contact and PropertyBase are some of the best CRM for Real Estate management.

However, as with most systems, CRM too has its issues with security. Often, developers prioritize efficiency over security that leaves users vulnerable to a breach. Thus it is important to ensure implementation of proper defense protocols in all types of CRM.

Companies offering wireless solutions to users have often been under fire for a lack of secure data access. Since every business has different data requirements, it is important that the CRM cater individually to each clients and plug all holes in its system. Identity theft and hacking of credit cards is a common occurrence when data is not secure. In case this data is required, use of SSL via web portal or VPN would be more secure than only wired equivalent privacy security implementations.

Use of firewall is also an important measure in protecting user data when accessing the corporate network. Remote user connection may be managed via CRM software and a compromised user may accidentally corrupt the entire network. A firewall protects data at both ends by not letting malicious elements cross the firewall. Remote users also frequently connect to client servers. Techs accessing CRM in such case must be closely guarded and a firewall ensures that.

CRM needs to provide secure encryption so that data cannot be accessed by third parties. End-to-end encryption as well as use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Socket Layer Security (SSL) protocols should be used. This creates a highly secure encrypted connection between server and point of use.

Data Back-ups
We may create as many fail-safes as we wish when implementing security protocols, but all of that will be in vain in the face of data loss. Machine and server failure is always possible. Without any backups abrupt failure may lead to loss of critical databases. Thus, you would be without vital pieces of information that may leave your project at a risk of failure. Data logs handled by CRM should be backed up to remote servers so that data may never be lost. Software handling huge amounts of data should create backups in such a manner that all backups of a system must never reside in the same system. In case one data center fails, more backups must be automatically generated.

Security is the primary concern that must be dealt with when implementing any software framework. A balance between cost and safety of system must be achieved to optimize the software and achieve best possible result. While adding an exorbitant amount of layers is not necessary, vulnerabilities in most common points of attack must be eliminated to make the CRM reliable.

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